Monday, 2 April 2012

Android has more Features

  1. Desktop widgets
  2. Battery removal
  3. External SD card storage up to 32GB
  4. Phone can be used as a flash drive
  5. Multitasking just like your computer (MAC or PC)
  6. Notification system (emails, texts, voicemail, Facebook, calendar and more)
  7. Personalization – Stocks, Hello Kitty, Superman, Bowling, Gucci or whatever.
  8. More free apps. (Essential apps that you pay for on iPhone are free on Android)
  9. Voice everything – text, search and navigation
  10. Carrier choice (basically all carriers carry Android phones)
  11. Video Chat on phones or computers via Gtalk, Skype, Yahoo or almost anything (not just iPhone users with FaceTime – that’s’ just dumb).
  12. Video Chat on 3G, 4G, or WiFi
  13. Phone prices (there are phones that are significantly cheaper than the iPhone.
  14. Manufacturer choices (ex. if you want your Samsung TV to work with Samsung phone, it can).
  15. Size choices (if you like a huge phone or small phone you can choose).
  16. Keyboard or Virtual Keyboard
  17. Talking GPS based on Google Maps with Satellite and 3D views.
  18. Standard cheap easy micro USB charging, use your old Blackberry charger.
  19. Editable dictionary
  20. Fantastic Google Voice integration
  21. Download all types of music (from iTunes or anywhere else)
  22. Portable WiFi Hotspot
  23. Tethering without jail breaking or rooting the Phone
  24. Sync calendar and contact information for free over the air
  25. Develop your own customized apps for free.
  26. Better rear and front camera choices
  27. Over the air music syncing and streaming
  28. Seeing all websites even ones with Flash
  29. Install any app you want even competitor apps
  30. Constant updates so the need to get a new phone is almost obsolete.

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